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Help on offer

Career coaching ‘Complete’

Hoe maak je een carrièreswitch?

Are you unsure if you want to continue in academia? Is it time to reassess your career? Or do you know you want to work outside of academia, but you’re not sure what career fits? Career coaching helps you to find out what career path fits best.

Career coaching ‘Compact’

Do you know yourself well, but are you still unable to determine what work you want to do? Are you looking for short-term help after which you can move on? This compact and powerful trajectory helps you to make choices that suit you.

Job application guidance

Do you feel unprepared for applying for non-academic Dutch jobs? Are you looking for a application expert that knows both academia and the Dutch labour market? Job application guidance helps you present your competencies convincingly.

Cv-feedback for PhDs

Your CV determines whether you pass the first selection round of a job application in the Netherlands. Do you want to make a career switch and a resume that helps you with that? Are you wondering how a non-academic reviewer will look at your CV?