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Reimbursement for career coaching by the university

Did you know that as a doctoral student or teacher you are entitled to reimbursement for career coaching by the university, if you have been employed for two years or more? Your rights are set forth in the collective labour agreement, take advantage of them.


Image: Andre Taissin

How do I know if I am entitled to reimbursement for career coaching by the university?

As a doctoral student, lecturer or associate professor, the collective labour agreement (CAO) for Dutch universities applies to you. The right to career coaching is clearly defined in the CAO.

Article 6.5 of the CAO states:

‘Every employee with a fixed-term employment contract of two years or more will be offered the opportunity to obtain career advice from a professional organization. The cost of this advice shall be borne by the employer. This opportunity will be offered at such a time that the content can be used for an individual counseling program, aimed at increasing opportunities on the internal or external labour market.’

In addition, the employer must facilitate the doctoral student in maintaining/improving their labour market position (Article 6.10): ‘Maintaining and developing this are a joint responsibility and obligation of employer and employee.’

How can I claim my right to compensation?

You can make career coaching part of your training plan. If you want advice on how to go about this, you can contact the Promovendi Netwerk Nederland.

What else is included in my rights?

Working on your labor market position can also include internships or training in labour market-oriented competencies. In other words, the university should give you the opportunity to prepare yourself for your next step. The last year of your contract is a good time to do so.

Do you need more inspiration for your search? Research what you yourself can do during your contract to prepare for non-academic work.