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What clients say


The conversations with Margriet were very pleasant. Margriet looks at your needs and adapts the assignments/meetings to those needs. She stimulates you with questions so that you come to your own insights and dare to do something with them. In short, I am happy that I followed this programme with Margriet!


Margriet is a very pleasant and loving coach. She is empathetic, patient and knows how to ask the right questions. She put me at ease and created a safe environment where I could say anything.


I certainly found the mirror and sounding board I was looking for in Margriet. She helped breakthrough the thought-circles in my head with specific questions, that gave me air to breath. Margriet was able to bring the things I already knew about myself into sharper and clearer focus, which made my self-confidence grow. This also helped when writing cover letters and conducting networking interviews, making me stronger and giving me a clear view of my aims.


I definitely recommend Margriet as a career coach. Margriet is a pleasant person, who is a good listener and who, through assignments and asking the right questions, challenges someone to think about what suits you in terms of education/career, so that this becomes clearer and clearer.


Margriet, a pleasant and honest person. I would recommend her for anyone who thinks: oh what can a career coach add for me now. This is how I came to her, at a turning point in my career. She helped me to set things in motion in a nice way, which provided me with good answers to my questions and enough to get going. Conclusion: take that step, it is well worth it!


It was a beautiful journey, with a smile and a tear. The conversations, your listening ear and the exercises have generated a lot of enthusiasm in me. I want to thank you very much for that. I wish everyone a ‘Margriet’ to make the next step/choice in their career.